Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 13 Prompt

Though this week's group of "genres" all seem very different, they all have in common the fact that many people don't feel that they are legitimate literary choices and libraries shouldn't be spending money on them or promoting them to adults. The common belief is that adults still don't or shouldn't read that stuff. How can we as librarians, work to ensure that we are able to serve adults who enjoy YA literature or graphic novels? Or should we? 

As librarians, we should definitely ensure that we serve adults who enjoy YA, graphic novels and new adult genres. If librarians don't serve all patrons, the patrons will eventually turn their backs on the library and supporting the library.

One of the best ways to ensure we serve these adults is to get to know the genres through reading and research. The great thing about all three of these genres is the online culture attached to them. There are so many sites and YouTube videos concentrating on these genres that learning about about them is quite simple and fun. 

Librarians can also read books within the genre. After doing the initial research, the next step is to read some books from the genres. I would suggest a mix of popular and non-popular books. This way, there is a variety of books librarians can suggest to the patron.

Finally, librarians need to share their new knowledge with patrons. Passive programs geared towards these genres will get people interested in a genre overlooked before. Having fun displays with interesting covers will pull readers in. Librarians can also give YA, graphic novels, and new adult books as RA when readers are looking for new books to read. One of the benefits to these genres is that they are written about everything from romance to war. Every reader will be able to find a new interesting read within these genres.


  1. I like young adult lit and I think we should suggest it when people ask for books. I agree with you, there is only one way to become familiar with a genre and that is to read it.

  2. Very thoughtful, insightful prompt response. I couldn't agree more! Full points!